Investment ideas – top best businesses for 2017 

If you have some money to spare and you want it to work for you, but you don’t know what to invest your money in, this is the right post for you. This is 2017, things are changing, so if you want to invest in something, you have to be very smart in order not to waste your money.

In this post, I would give you top investment ideas in 2017.

  1. Pay off your credit cards. I put this all the first idea because it is very important and essential. Although this is not an investment, it still pays to pay off your credit cards. It won’t make sense to buy any investments or stocks if you haven’t paid off your credit cards. The main reason you should pay off your credit cards before investing is that you don’t want to lose money. If you owe a big credit card, you will lose money. So before you start any investment pay off your credit card first.
  1. Buy a home. I don’t know if you have heard this before, but your home is one of your big investments. But I am sure you have heard the contrary that your home is not a good investment. But actually, it is partially true. But if you know how to make money out of your home, it is worth an investment. If you buy a home with leverage, the three percent annual price gains can be considerably magnified. For instance, if you put $100,000 down on a $300,000 home, and in the next five years the value of the house grows to $350,000, then you will gain $50,000 – which is 50% of your investment.
  2. Add a defense investment to your portfolio. Just because the current bull market is the second longest market in history, it doesn’t mean that stocks are going to fall. In this case, in a matter of time, we might see a full-blown recession. That is why I advise you to add some defensive investments to your portfolio. However, despite what you have heard about defensive investments, a defensive investment doesn’t mean avoiding stocks. A big example of defense investments would be to buy an index fund that invests in dividend growth stocks. These investments tend to fare better during recessions.

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