Content marketing ideas – Four Stolen Top Marketers Secrets you want to know now 


Don’t you get surprised that you are trying all your best to market your products, but it doesn’t work? And top marketers would market theirs, and it would work.

Don’t you ask yourself why your marketing ideas didn’t work? Your marketing strategy didn’t work because you are missing some tiny details about marketing.

Top marketers know these tiny details, and that’s their marketing strategies work. So what are those tiny details? What have you been missing?

Here in this post, I will give you Four stolen top marketers secrets that you didn’t know (well it’s a secret, you can’t know)

  1. Figure out which keywords you rank the most for. And I stole this from Andy Crestodina. For you to make your make online, you should know what keyword you rank the most for. Keywords are very essential if you want to build your social presence. So if you want to gain more traction and sell more, you need to know what keywords you rank the most for. This tip from Andy is a very good one that you should try.

  1. Consider pop-ups. I understand that it is not very easy to convert people once they get on your site. So use pop-ups to get more conversion. Well, I stole this idea from Aaron Orendorff. You can use pop-ups to get more conversion on your website. However you have to use them well to get better conversion. There are so many types of pop-ups to consider.

  1. Set priorities. And I stole this secret from Neil Patel. You can use this marketing tip when you are overwhelmed with lots of things to do. I understand that there are times that you will have so many things to do on your website, and you would end up not knowing what to do. The best thing is to set your priority. If you set your priorities, it would be easier for you to achieve your goals faster. It’s better to do things that are of higher priority than doing thing of lower priority.

  1. Identify your content tilt. I stole this secret from Joe Pulizzi. You should use this secret when your content seems like everyone’s content. It is a very useful tip for entrepreneurs in small and large organization. So it is very important you try it.
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