• The discovery of the internet in 1945 ushered in innovative ways of doing things. However, at that time, internet use was restricted to government agencies such as the military, research institutions, and data exchange. But, after 1994, the internet expanded to serve millions of users and numerous functions throughout the globe. Since then, the internet has grown by leaps and bounds, and today, almost everything happens online. As a result, there are many lucrative businesses that you can conduct online. Here is a comprehensive outline:

    • Selling products and services online – One of the newest online business ideas today

    Advances in the internet technology have heralded a new age of eCommerce. As a result, more and more people shop online today, wherever they are. This online revolution has witnessed an upsurge of eCommerce stores selling a huge array of products and services to prospective customers. E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, have thrived due to this revolution. These e-commerce platforms allow you to open an account, list your products and sell. You can sell a broad range of goods and services such as digital products, online coaching services, fashion items and so on. They only deduct a small fee from each sale. The new entrances in the e-commerce market are Shopify and BigCommerce. These two eCommerce platforms allow you to set up your own store, customize it to your taste, list your products, see out some online business ideas that are particularly popular this year and start selling. 

    • Freelance writing offers the greatest possibilities for success when it comes to internet business opportunities

    According to Netcraft, there are more than one billion websites online today. Websites thrive on content, with text being the dominant content. This means that freelance writing is a lucrative business idea right now. You can start out as a freelance writer on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru. When you become proficient, you can start your own freelance writing agency and outsource work to other freelancers. Soon enough you will build a formidable freelance writing business that will provide for you until the end of time.

  • Web design is among the best paying internet business opportunities

    Even with more than one billion websites today, more websites are built each day. This means that web designers are making big money off these sites. This is certainly a perfect time to start a web design business, as the trend is projected to increase moving forward. Customizing a website template would cost a website owner more than $300. This cost may increase depending on the features to incorporate into the site. A custom website design, on the other hand, would cost a website owner more than $5000. This pricing aspect points to the fact that web design is a very lucrative venture.

    • Social media management is one of the fastest growing online business ideas

    Statistically, more than 2 billion social media users exist today. Social media platforms are where the majority of people spend their time these days. This is because they enable people to interact based on unique commonalities. For this reason, virtually every corporate is directing their marketing efforts to social media. As a result, demand for social media managers has increased significantly. You can make pretty good income as a social media manager today. You can also start a social media agency to train and place social media managers to run different company's social media pages.

    • Travel consultancy is big today when it comes to online entrepreneur ideas

    In this age, more people have developed unique passion for traveling. Demand for tourism in 2017 looks robust. In fact, statistics show that tourism has increased threefold from the previous year. This is a great opportunity for travel consultants to harness. If you have the skills to organize unforgettable, authentic trips and are enthusiastic about creating daily travel plans, you can start a travel consultant business today and earn big.